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Oro Multicolor 10 inch Glass Tree w/ 16 Ornaments

Oro Multicolor 10 inch Glass Tree w/ 16 Ornaments

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Hand-crafted glass trees inspired by modern day Venetian artisans discovered by the Toellner family on an Italy trip. These old world techniques continued with The Buon Natalie Series as each tree is unique with hand crafted glass and hand painted decor. Enjoy the beauty of the colorful hand painted ornaments.


Each Box has (1)Glass 10" Christmas Tree Gold w/

  (16) Multicolor Ornaments

- Measures approximately 10 inches tall (25 cm).
   comes enclosed in a foam mold inside a lovely little gift box

- Handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artisans out of lightweight   
   borosilicate glass feature a glitter-dusted GOLD finish for a vintage     
   aesthetic with matching multi-color ornaments
- It makes a Great Gift For a Co-Worker-Teacher, or Friend

- Perfect Decoration or Added Touch of Whimsy During the Holidays

- Packaged in a foam-lined gift box that protects and can be used to
   restore the tree

Price Chart:

   10-inch (25cm) Glass Tree $ 29.99

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