You buy door panels for doors or certain types of windows.  Door panel curtains are also called sidelite or side light panels.  Either way, the curtains will provide privacy and light control at the door. Many of the door panels are available in different lengths and some styles have coordinating kitchen tier curtain panels.
  • Batiste Semi Sheer Door Panel

    Batiste Semi Sheer Door Panel

    United Curtain from $17.99
  • English Ivy Lace Door Panel

    English Ivy Lace Door Panel

    Heritage Lace from $35.99
  • Harmony Sheer Door Panel

    Harmony Sheer Door Panel

    Ricardo from $7.99
  • Reverie Door Panel

    Reverie Door Panel

    Lorraine Home Fashions from $7.99
  • Rhapsody Lined Door Panel

    Rhapsody Lined Door Panel

    Commonwealth Home Fashions $25.99
  • Sea Glass Door Panel

    Sea Glass Door Panel

    Ricardo from $17.99
  • Sheer Voile Door Panel

    Sheer Voile Door Panel

    H.C. International from $12.99
  • Stacey Door Panel

    Stacey Door Panel

    Ellis Curtain from $9.99