Fiddler's Elbow

Tuxedo Cat Doorstop

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Dressed for any occasion, this Fiddler’s Elbow Tuxedo Cat Soft Sculpture Doorstop is always in fashion. Individually silk-screened on 100% cotton, with organic eco-friendly pigments, and hand sewn for extra durability. this cat doorstop is purrfect for propping doors. Plus it's so soft that you wont have to worry anymore about damaging your doors, and or stubbing your unprotected toes. Weighted with plastic pellets, this Tuxedo Cat will always sit upright and majestic. Not only, will this adorable cat make a wonderful gift, for any animal lover, but your pets will also love this soft cat sculpture. This Cat Sculpture will certainly be a stately addition to your home décor.

-Measures 16"L (Measured from the top of the ear down) 
-Cover: 100% Cotton
-Hypo-allergenic polyfil
-Hand Sewn
-Weighted with plastic pellets
-Perfect for propping doors and stopping unwanted drafts.
-Great home decoration 
-Made in the USA

Tuxedo Cat Doorstop $29.99

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