Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Misty-Blue
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Grey
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Red
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Taupe
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Black
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Dark-Chocolate
  • Thermasilk-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-White
  • Thermalogic-Ming-Lined-Faux-Silk-Back-Tab-Rod-Pocket-Top- Panel-Pair-Zoom
Thermalogic Ming Lined Faux Silk BackTab/Rod Pocket Top Panel - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Ming Lined Room Darkening dual rod pocket panel pair is a faux silk fabric that can be hung 2 different ways. This Thermalogic Thermalsilk panel pair by Commonwealth as a standard 3" rod pocket and (9) 3" back tab per panel for a pleating look. The dual rod pocket gives you the ability to choose whether you like a decorative rod or traditional rod to be used in your home.  Also this panel pair is energy efficient; so it will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In addition, it will help eliminate unwanted sunlight and glare on your TV , and it will help protect your furniture and carpet from sun damage. Available in 6 colors, so you are sure to find the color that will complete your homes décor

-Available in White, Black, Grey, Taupe, Dark Chocolate, Misty Blue, and Red 
-Face: 100% Polyester   Lining: 100% Polyester
-Each panel consist of Nine (9) Back Tabs, and a 3" Rod Pocket 
-Sold as pairs/Set of two (2) 
-Energy Efficient, Light Filtering, Sound Dampening and Eliminate reflections from TV
-Machine wash cold no chlorine bleach, line dry
-Iron at lowest heat setting if needed
-Manufactured by Commonwealth 

ONLINE ONLY *This item is drop ship, it ships from one of our warehouse locations. Ship time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you order this with other items they may ship separately.

104” x84” 2/way Rod Packet Panel Pair $39.99
104” x95” 2/way Rod Packet Panel Pair $49.99