Sheer Voile Extra Long Panels And Scarf
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-White
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Ecru
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Taupe
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Lilac
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Rose
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Navy
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-SkyBlue
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Sage
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Grey
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Burgundy
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Gold
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Peach
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Yellow
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Amethyst
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-DustyLeaf-Zoom
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Black
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-Mauve
  • Sheer-Voile-Ex-long-Panel-and-Scarf-WedgeBlue
  • Sheer Voile Extra Long Panels And Scarf
Sheer Voile Extra Long Panels And Scarf - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Dress up any window with layers of luxurious texture, while maintaining an airy look that opens-up the space and lets it breathe. This elegant European high twist sheer voile panel has a beautiful luster not found in lesser quality sheer voile. With its simplicity and elegance, it is sure to be enough to compliment any decor. Use the sheer voile panels on their own, under matching top treatments or as a compliment to other curtains. This Sheer Voile Panel is available in a wide range of lengths starting from 60” W x 45” L up to 60” W x 108” L. Also, available are 5 different top treatments that are sure to complete any design from scarfs to a simple Tailored Valance. Pinch Pleated Sheer Voile Panel also available in White and Ecru. 


-Available in Yellow, Peach, Dusty Leaf, Amethyst, Burgundy, Grey, Gold, Black, Wedgeblue, Mauve, Rose, Lilac, Sage, Sky Blue, Taupe, Ecru, White, and Navy 
-100% Polyester
-Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, tumble dry. Little or no ironing necessary at a low
-Each Panel has a 5" Hem Bottom Of Panel 
-Plan 2 to 3 times the rod width for proper fullness.     

60"x 90" Sheer Panel $16.99
60"x 95" Sheer Panel $17.99
60”x 108” Sheer Panel  $24.99
45"x 144" Fishtail Scarf  $24.99
45"x 216" Fishtail Scarf  $29.99
60"x 14" Tailored Valance  $7.99
60"x 38" Swag Pair $12.99
90"x 63" Swagger Pair $19.99
30"x 40" Fan Insert  $9.99