5/8-Inch Diameter Adjustable Bay Window Rod Set
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  • 5/8-Inch Diameter Adjustable Bay Window Rod Set
5/8-Inch Diameter Adjustable Bay Window Rod Set - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Enhance the look of your bay windows with the 5/8-inch Adjustable Bay Window Rod Set. Simply adjust the side arm angles and rod length to accommodate the size of your bay window in the kitchen, living or dining room. With it 3-inch and wrap-around design allows window curtains to return to the wall. This is great for block out light, drafts and provide privacy from the side of the windows. and provide privacy. Available in five elegant colors and matching accessories (Sold Separately) you are sure to find will to find the perfect set for your décor.

Available in Black, Gold, Pewter, Antique Brown and Bright White

Set includes:
 Rods has a 5/8" diameter and have a 3-piece pipe configuration to give it a  
 symmetrically balanced and custom look

 Center rod: Adjust to fit windows 38" to 78"

 Side rods: Fit windows 20" to 41"

 Side rod adjusts from each side of the center so there is no ugly bump at the center

 Includes mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions

 Coordinating Add-a-Rod, hold backs and clip rings available separately

  •  *This item ships from one of our warehouse locations. Ship time is approximately 1-2 weeks. If you order this with other items that do not ship from a warehouse, they will ship separately.

38-78"" Bay Window Rod with 1"" Diameter  $55.99
28""-70"" Add-A-Rod Round Hook $14.99 $14.99
Holdback Pair $14.99
Clip Rings (7) Per Pack $14.99