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Fall Collection 19"x 27" Tapestry Rugs

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Welcome in the autumn season with this Collection of 19”x 27” Fall Collection Tapestry Rugs that will brighten up your home, and will surely add a beautiful touch of Fall to your home decor. Made from 52% Cotton 48% Polyester, lightweight, durable, and has a no slip rubber backing. Each Sold Separately. Coordinate with a, 60" x 15" Fall Tapestry Valance13"x 70" Tapestry  Table Runners and 18” X 18” Throw Pillow Cover

19”x 27” Area Rug
Soft luxury fall or Thanksgiving decor at an affordable price.
Made of 52% Cotton and 48% Polyester
no slip rubber backing
Spot Cleaning is recommended.
Also Available Matching 60" x 15" Fall Tapestry Valance
70" Tapestry Runners and 18” X 18” Throw Pillow Cover
Each Sold Separately

19”x 27” Area Rug $7.96

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